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Company Overview

Malektron Solutions operates as an IT consulting company that provides IT analysis, strategy, and design as well as the placement of temporary and permanent IT consultants for US based companies. The company focuses on providing engineering telecom and software solutions for mobile applications and its infrastructure technologies. Additionally, the company offers Certified Microsoft Consultants and SAP services to fulfill all planning, design, deployment, management and technical support needs. In addition to these positions Malektron Solutions also provides consulting services for employers outside of the IT industry.

Malektron Solutions targets technology companies looking to fill IT consulting positions. The company is expanding  its market by placing more professionals in sectors such as banking, financial services and telecommunications in addition to the technology sector. The company has a proven history of success, as the business has experienced continued growth over the last 10 years of profitable operation.

Competitive Snapshot

The firm’s primary competition will come from regional companies in the East and West coast regions. All of these companies exist to place IT consultants in various positions across industries and offer remote or onsite IT consultants and solutions. Malektron’s Mobility Program is what sets the firm apart from competitors in the market place. The mobility program works to help the world’s largest chipmakers reduce costs, risks and augment time to market through Malektron’s software application development delivery, end to end solution porting integration, customization, variation, testing and compliance.

Diversity initiative

Malektron Solutions is a certified MBE/WBE with the New Jersey State . Malektron Solutions is also a certified Women Owned Organization under the State of New Jersey – Department of Revenue. Malektron Solutions is a diversified partner to many companies working for clients like Pepsi, AT & T, NCR etc.

Being professional services IT company, Malektron Solutions, Inc. stresses on the value of diverse partnerships which delivers better quality and value to our clients while also providing new opportunities to less represented groups.

Diversity also helps expands our service portfolio of placement and technical services and solutions by cultivating new ways of doing business, helping us to better understand and serve our customers. At the same time, we can achieve their diversity goals with our client base whether they are private corporate clients or government requirements.

As a certified minority and women-owned business, we look for opportunities to work with other diverse suppliers in all aspects of our business — from IT staffing services to Application development projects. By creating and maintaining long lasting relationships with a diverse partner base, we create new avenues of business and create new opportunities for business.

Malektron’s diversity initiative aims to expand, increase, and constantly improve the quality of the participation of small business enterprise (SBE), minority and/or women owned business (W/MBE) customers.

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